Things to know about scubadoo dive in Mauritius

Scubadoo diving is one of the best sea underwater activities to do during holiday in Mauritius. Professional divers or non-professional one, swimmers or non-swimmers, elderly people as well as children and lightly disabled person can do it. Yes, it is so easy that anyone can do it. You just sit on a sub-scooter, press some buttons and off you go adventuring in a marvelous world of fishes and corals!

This activity can be booked online at  or at Both website offer free online booking service.

Something important to keep in mind is that scubadoo dive is very dependent on sea conditions. This dive will automatically be cancel for one of the following reasons:-

Strong wind, poor underwater visibility, extreme low tide or rough sea.

The dive is best to do during the first half of the day, between 9h00 and 12h00. During this period strong wind is less likely to occur than in the afternoon. Though the weather might looks good, for any of the above reasons the dive won’t takes place.

When you book this activity, it is important to plan several alternative dates to do it because nothing can guarantee that you will be able to do it on your first chosen date. Sea conditions are so unpredictable!

Before leaving your hotel to come to the diving center, always call the diving team to enquire about sea condition if you want to avoid the bad surprise of driving across the island only to be told that the dive is cancel.

We hope all these information will help to plan a good scubadoo dive. We wish you a happy dive

Discount tariff for student for catamaran cruises in Mauritius

Since July 2013, both and start offering interesting discount prices on their catamaran cruises.
Discount rates are as follows: – Catamaran day cruise to Gabriel island – 18.75 % of regular price
Catamaran day cruise to Ile aux Cerfs (Deers island) – 31.82 % of regular price
Catamaran day cruise for dolphin watch (Benitier Island) – 29.17 % of regular price
Since 1st August 2013, price of full day speedboat tour for dolphin watch + picnic on Benitier Island had also gone down to 38.46 %
These discount rates aim at enable group of foreign students studying in Mauritius to enjoy marine outings at lower cost.
These preferential tariffs are also available to corporate group of more than 10 persons.
To beneficiate of these discounts, all booking should be made online through above-mentioned websites at least 6 days prior to trip date.
Contact respective websites for more information

Scuba-Doo dive in Mauritius

Another nice marine activity to spice up your holiday in Mauritius is Scuda-Doo Dive. Not the cartoon one with Sammy and his dog! This one is a real submarine activity which can both be performed by child and adult of all age.

Scubadoo is a submarine scooter or subscooter for short. You just have to sit on it with your head in a transparent dome and off you go! You will be exploring the Mauritian marine life in less than 5 minutes.

Scuba-Doo is one of the easiest submarine activities I know. You don’t even need to be a good swimmer to do it.

Scuba-Doo is also known in Mauritius as an auto-propelled scooter. The machine is powered by an electric battery which makes it an eco-friendly activity too!

A half hour submarine dive on a Scubadoo cost 2,500 Mauritian Rupees which is equivalent to 65 Euros.

Check where there are lots of details, photos and links to videos about this activity. Happy scuda-Dooing in Mauritius!

Some holiday ideas

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by. Do you know about a tiny island in the Indian Ocean call Mauritius? If not, try to google Mauritius and you’ll have tons of information about it. This article is not meant to do a presentation of the island but to talk about its tourist activities. Yes, about its tourist activities because the island is one of the top preferred one as holiday destination for European, Scandinavian, Asian and African tourist. Tourism in fact, is one of the main economic activities there.
As for all islands without any natural resources, marine leisure are the most common type which will be proposed to visitors. Catamaran cruises and dolphin watch tours are among the best.
Among catamaran cruises in Mauritius, the day outing to Ile aux cerfs, is the recommended one. Full detail of this cruise can be read at
This is our first article on this blog. We will come back later with more about what is actually happening in Mauritius. So stay tune!